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At Ocean Wave Salt Works you can buy the very best gourmet salts at very reasonable prices. Use these while cooking or on the BBQ, sprinkle on your meats or vegetables. These salts are absolutly delicious!

You can order our salts shipped anywhere in the country!

Black Hawaiian Salt

4 oz $6.00

Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Sea Salt has a stunning black color and silky texture. Solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is combined with activated charcoal. Complimenting the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt. Kosher

Uses: Salt mills, finishing, salads, meats, and seafood.

Campfire Smoked Salt

4 oz $8.00

Extra Bold Smoked Salt is the ultimate all-natural smoked sea salt. Campfire is naturally smoked with pecan, red oak, alder, cherry, hickory, maple and mesquite to create a uniquely hearty smoked flavor. The 100% natural way to add authentic smoked flavor with no strange aftertaste. No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are added.

Uses: Ribs, Steaks, Chicken, Salmon, Pork and Soups.

Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

4 oz $10.00

Fleur De Sel de Guerande is known as "the cavior of salts" and is the best of all gourmet sea salts. The crystals form on the very top layer of the salt ponds and are harvested by barely skimming the surface. This fleur de sel is certified organic by France's Nature de Progris. This is the most rigorous salt certification process, which equates to purity and quality.Kosher

Product of France

Ghost Pepper Salt

4 oz $8.00

This salt has a sharp bite as expected since it is made with the world's hottest pepper. Once the initial heat dissipates the amazing flavor of this salt comes out. It is truly a salt that can be used from your favorite steak, to your favorite fruit. Put on chocolate for an amazing new experience! Use you imagination and create your own recipes.

Uses: Put on anything for some great added heat and flavor.

Himalayan Pink Salt

4 oz $3.00

Himalayan Pink Salt is pure, hand-mined salt found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan mountains. This salt has a high mineral content, and all natural. Kosher

Uses: Salt shaker, finishing, roasting, meats, seafood, sauces/soups.

1 lb $10.00

Pure Ocean® Sea Salt

1 lb $3.00

Pure Ocean® - Shaker & Ingredient Sea Salt is the most versatile, flavorful and highest quality sea salt available. Completely unrefined, the natural minerals add subtle nuances of flavor that make this sea salt superior. Kosher

Uses: All purposes.

Roasted Garlic Salt

4 oz $8.00

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is all natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic. This is a much improved, very gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. The flavor is out of this world. Try on absolutely anything.

Uses: Roasted vegetables, pasta, meats, salads, popcorn, bread dipper (w/olive oil).

Spanish Rosemary Salt

4 oz $8.00

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt is an all natural sea salt that delivers a stright from the herb garden flavor. A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste.

Uses: Roasted vegetables, pasta, meats, salads, popcorn, bread dipper (w/olive oil).

Truffle Sea Salt

5.5 oz $16.00

A specialty salt imported from Italy. This blend of ground Italian black truffle and sea salt is irresistible in the kitchen. Try over cooked egg dishes, tossed in pasta, on pâté or foie gras, or sprinkled on buttered popcorn and served with a glass of spumante! A “special occasion” condiment!.

Uses: Eggs, pasta, popcorn, foie gras.

Wild Porcini Salt

4 oz $10.00

A great steak salt, with a delicious aroma of mushrooms greets you when you open a container of Wild Porcini Salt. Dried porcini mixed with sea salt has a concentrated flavor and mushroom aroma that is excellent in risotto, soups, sauces and salmon.

Uses: Roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta, finishing, bread dipper (w/olive oil).